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Manakeep 728x90
(Jan 01, 2013)
Happy New Years Everyone =D Look forward to some cool guild events coming up =D
(Dec 25, 2012)
(Dec 24, 2012)
that feeling you get when fresh gossip happened and you weren't there :'(
(Dec 23, 2012)
lol, that was random
(Dec 22, 2012) Well now I am famous too =D haha funny video I made
(Dec 17, 2012)
see what I made today
(Dec 10, 2012)
(Dec 10, 2012)
(Dec 04, 2012)
Please take a look at calendar for upcoming guild events
(Nov 13, 2012)
we're back in action, some changes upcoming
(Nov 07, 2012)
a lot of us are still affected by sandy, but we'll start planning events as soon as this weekend for the rest of us. two of us also attending the serverwide ioj meeting yesterday, so we should see some good things for the next reset
(Nov 07, 2012)
alrighty, hope to see you back soon!
(Nov 06, 2012)
have lots of jet lag, so might start seriously playing again this weekend
(Nov 05, 2012)
yay, have internet again! finally, will be playing again tomorrow
(Nov 05, 2012)
Hi! What have I missed?
(Nov 03, 2012)
I hope everything is alright for you and your loved ones
(Oct 30, 2012)
blackout in downtown ny
(Oct 22, 2012)
make sure to register & add your character names so I know who you are ;)
(Oct 20, 2012)
:< that works
(Oct 20, 2012)
What happens if you try? I *think* you'll be able to on media -> videos, and then link it directly on a forum post if I'm right