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Manakeep 728x90
(Jul 12, 2018)
mobile games ftw also shiny articunos from the biggest pogo meetup in nyc? yes pls
(Oct 03, 2017)
Duxberrie#1535 on for contacts, im rarely on here anymore and im mostly on hearthstone casually now
(Sep 24, 2017)
special thanks to blackbird for the news. you'll be missed, Kate
(Jul 26, 2017) raids in nyc, hell yea! just gotta farm TMs for better moveset
(Jul 01, 2017)
everyone and their mom making a moba. tag team is interesting though
(Jun 30, 2017)
Ncsofts new moba lol...rytlock though...
(Jun 29, 2017)
what should I buy with my gym coins? I can get 300 more bag space, and never bought an outfit
(Jun 29, 2017)
hiding from you since they owe you gold
(Jun 25, 2017)
Where's Tikoy and Mirrors?
(Jan 25, 2017)
I use discord now btw
(Jan 11, 2017)
pff who plays games anymore
(Jan 11, 2017)
hey sungak, glad you're still having fun with gw :) I've been playing games for myself these days and it's been a lot more fun and rewarding. hope everyone's doing well for the new year :)
(Nov 21, 2016)
Still at it over in GW2 (and some GW1); finally got a glimpse inside the Nightmare Tower today, thanks to Fractals. /salute
(Nov 05, 2016)
overwatchs new hero is so broken...and also my new offensive main
(Oct 20, 2016)
if anyone wants a virtual ticket to watch Blizzcon on their computer lmk. It comes with in game items for all Blizzard titles
(Oct 14, 2016)
node war tonight WE GOT AN ELEPHANTTTTT
(Oct 14, 2016)
I'd watch that
(Oct 13, 2016)
not gonna lie, got pretty hyped when i saw this
(Oct 04, 2016)
this meme of a game was born 2 years ago...