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10 Rules of LAW
1. Follow the Golden Rule. Keep things fun, friendly, and mature! Disrespect or toxic behavior towards the guild leadership, guild members, Blackgate War Council guilds, and the general public may result in a demerit. Further negative display may result in your removal from the guild. As a member of our guild, Love And War, you are representing our good name and our image. Wear our tag proudly and do us justice!

  • LAW is an Equal Opportunity Gaming Community. Racism, sexism, discrimination, and general bigotry is not welcome here. Most of our veterans can take a joke, but be prepared to be called out and know when its your cue to stop. More importantly, spare us your lecture and your excuses on being intolerant prick or you will be subject to removal from the guild.
  • Avoid sensitive real-world topics, such as politics and religion. Everyone has differing opinions and it does not matter if we do, because we are not a political body. We are here as gamers to have fun and relax. Don't stress us out!
  • No drama! Be conscious of your words and who you address it to. Likewise, please give your fellow members the benefit of the doubt and do not throw a fit over every perceived slight. Our guild strives to maintain a fun, friendly, laid-back, and drama-free atmosphere. Learn to take a joke, but also know when you are crossing the line. Apologies cost you nothing and will win people over!
  • Any members who are guilty of bad-mouthing, spreading negative rumors, belittling, or undermining the authority of senior guild members and/or officers will be immediately expelled from the guild. LAW has as an absolute, zero tolerance policy towards disloyalty. Anyone who is even suspected of poisoning the well and spreading discontentment will be shot first and asked questions later. If you are not happy with a member, an officer, or the guild for any reason, you are expected to approach someone at the leadership level. We will do all we can to mediate and resolve the situation in a private setting. If you are simply in a bad mood and are displacing your anger, please attempt to have some quiet time for yourself, such as going invisible. If an amiable resolution cannot be found, then please leave peacefully with your dignity and reputation intact. It's a small world after all.
2. Respect the Chain of Command and the Guild Hierarchy. As a WvW and PvP oriented guild, organization and teamwork is extremely important to us. LAW has a zero tolerance policy towards any actions that may compromise our group's unity and drama-free culture.

  • Fate is the Founder and the Honorable Leader of Love And War. He is the Law of the Land and his decisions are final.
  • The Guild Officers are the Enforcers of our laws and are part of the leadership, AKA the decision-making body of LAW. You are expected to respect the words and decisions of your officers.
  • LAW is a warfare-oriented gaming community. While in the field, follow your commander into both Victory and Death. We laugh in the face of death and dance in the bloods of our enemies. When your commander calls for a tactical retreat, you fall back together as a unit and strive to leave no man behind. No matter the size of our enemies, WE DO NOT ROUT.
  • Lastly on this point, please note that LAW is a casually-hardcore guild. There will be times when we mess around and do silly things, all in good fun. But when things get real, we snap to attention and do work on our enemies. Be prepared to adapt at all times!
3. Represent. If you are not representing us, then you are not being a guild member. LAW should be your main guild and you are expected to represent us 90% or more; leeway is given for personal guild banks, family/friends only guild friends list, PvP teams and lists, and dungeon list guilds.

  • If you are not representing and an officer whispers you, then you are expected to reply immediately and comply with our represent policy. Please do not take this personally or display hostilities, as the officers are doing their jobs by enforcing the guild's rules and policies that you acknowledged and agreed to follow when you join this guild. Ignorantia juris non excusat.
  • Violators may be subjected to immediate demotion. Repeated violations may result in expulsion from the guild. Initiates, as players who are on their trial period or in probation, may be removed from the guild at any time.
  • Our promise to you: The leadership of LAW are always working to better our community and ultimately, we are on your side. If you reach out to us in good faith and would like to work something out after explaining your situation, or would like to apologize for uncooperative behavior and would like a second chance, then please feel welcome to do so. However, you will be expected to be a man, or a woman, of your words.
4. Guild Raids & Events. As members of LAW, you are expected to join in and participate in guild raids and events during our peak hours (i.e. server reset to midnight, Eastern Time). We understand members may desire to do other things, such as farming. Nevertheless, please remember that ultimately, you joined us, and being part of the community is the whole point of a guild. At the minimum, we expect you to attend a guild event once a week, preferably a Guild Mission event.

  • At LAW, both understand and value any real-life commitments members may have. As such, we do not have a mandatory participation policy for our general members to log in at certain days to attend events. What we are asking is that, if you are online and playing the game during our event times anyway, then we would like you to join your fellow guildies in fellowship and strengthen our bonds as proud members of Love And War!
  • Members who are part of our Advanced Membership Ranks, or who have signed up and committed to a raid or event, will be required to attend to their duties by responding to our call to arms. Failing to meet your obligation may result in an immediate demotion or demerit. If something comes up that prevents you from fulfilling your promise to us, then it is on you to let us know. Communication is key!
5. AFK Policy. If you are leaving the game for awhile, then we respectfully ask for you to inform us by either posting on our AFK Forums or by directly letting an officer know.

  • In other to maintain a lean and active guild roster and to determine who are our active members, our members are expected to attend a minimum of one event per month unless he/she explicitly let us know of their AFK status. Inactive members will be purged from our roster (however, they will be welcome back, hassle-free, if they were a member in good standing prior to removal as an inactive member). Veteran members: if you were removed by an officer, please note that we have a policy of sending a courtesy mail towards our senior members.
  • If we remove you from the guild due to prolonged inactivity, please do not be alarmed. If you were a member of good standing prior to your AFK, then simply contact any of our officers (or a commissioned ranked member) and you will be invited back in, no questions asked.
  • Please note that you will be considered an active member if you are actively posting on our guild forums, shoutbox, or logging in to Teamspeak.
6. Teamspeak. We require members to have or otherwise be able to acquire Teamspeak, whether you have a microphone or not. As many organized guilds, our primary source of communication will be via voice chat during Guild WvW, Missions, Raids, and other major guild activity.

7. Guild Composition & Solidarity. As a WvW and PvP focused guild, we ask members to be flexible and be willing to do whatever it takes to strengthen our forces and achieve victory. This may mean using one of our specialized Vanguard builds for our Havoc Squad or by having certain class compositions for tPvP teams. Members will be expected to know their role for their respective classes and/or builds and work together as a team player. Finally, during organized guild runs (missions, raids, and WvW), we expect all members to follow commands of your designated commander. Unless given a specific task, such as to scout or to set up a portal, we expect all members to stay together as a group. Members who break formations may be subjected to a demerit, which may result in a demotion or restricted guild privileges. In addition, members who are part of an Advanced Membership Rank, as respected exemplars of LAW, will be held to a higher standard.

8. Guild Contributions. LAW does not have monthly guild membership dues or taxes. Rather, we employ and swear by the honor system. We ask our members to support our guild and ongoing war effort as much as possible, whether by donating superior and guild catapults, providing us with gold or virtual in-game items, helping us expand our Guild Halls, providing us with community tools and resources, inserting Custom Arena Time Tokens into our [LAW] PvP arena, or by contributing monetary support to maintain our guild community resources.

9. Guild Community Bank. Members are welcome to use the guild bank to share, trade, or donate items to fellow guild mates. The usage of our guild bank is subjected to a "take a penny, give a penny" honor system. We ask members, including newer players who have benefited from the guild bank, to give back to the community. The ultimate goal is to create a self-sufficient cycle of helping new members get on their feet until they too are ready to contribute back to LAW as respectable guild members.

10. You Are LAW. Own the name and become a proud, loyal member of LAW. Learn who we are and become our brothers in arm. And above all, remember that we are a gaming community, and we are here together to have fun!

I am LAW. You are LAW. We are LAW.

And we shall wreck havoc.

• • • FOR LOVE & WAR ! • • •