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LAW Ranks
Outline of Guild Ranks, Roles, and Responsibilities

Guild Ranks

The Leadership

Leader: Fate, the Founder and Leader of LAW.

Officer: The Officers of the LAW. The current officers are Lucian, Summer, and Toff.

Advanced Membership Ranks

Vanguard: This rank will be used to denote the main members of LAW's Havoc Squad. That's not the say that we won't have exception members who join us in WvW and are not part of the Vanguard. Rather, this rank is reserved for members who are dedicated to consistently making a difference out in the field by expanding our guild's presence in WvW and helping maintain the reputation of Blackgate, our home server. Vanguard members will have priority in representing us for GvGs.

To become part of the Vanguard, either sign up on the Havoc Squad thread or inform a guild commander or an officer of LAW. When you enlist, you are making a commitment to be there for us when we call for you. Whether by participating during our scheduled WvW raid days (currently Tues & Thurs during the off-season) or by being available when we are challenged to a GvG, you will be ready and willing to kick some ass in our name.

With that said, please note that we understand real-life commitments and have consistently been saying that our guild is all about fun. If you're unable to log in, then you will not be demoted. The AFK Policy applies for all our advanced membership ranks: Just Let Us Know! The important thing is to answer our call to arms when you are online.

Raider: Members of this rank will have priority for future GW2 raids (i.e. guaranteed raid slots). LAW members will have an opportunity to earn this rank before HoT is released by attending a minimum number of guild events per week (including a guild mission event).

Slayer: LAW members may opt to create their own LAW PvP team. An officially sponsored LAW team must designate a team captain and have a minimum of 5 players on the roster (an additional slots for a substitute, for a coach, and a manager will be allowed, if necessary). Non-guildies may be allowed on the team, however they must represent our guild during training and during team PvP. In addition, the captain or main organizer of the team must be a LAW member.

All three advanced membership ranks will have permissions necessary to view applications, interview, tryout, and accept new recruits into LAW. Additional benefits will be made available, such as advanced membership only events and rewards.

The Membership

Member: Initiate who prove themselves as worthy additions to our guild will be elevated as a full-time member by the leadership. An Advanced Rank Member may also vouch for an initiate that may have escaped the eye of our leadership. Member rights and privileges will be listed below.

Initiate: Initiates are either trial members or members who have been placed on probation. Initiates are usually elevated to full membership after passing a two week trial period or after attending over three Guild Events within a reasonable amount of time, whichever is greater. This period may be shortened if sponsored by an officer or by an Advanced Rank Member. Once you have met the requirements are are deemed an active member and a good fit for LAW, you may ask for a promotion or be automatically elevated to a Member. Please be sure to Register on our guild website as soon as possible, as this is really the only reasonable way that the leadership can ascertain how long you have been with LAW.

Rank Privileges & Responsibilities

Commanders & Field Ranks

The Commander: While not necessarily tied to having guild administrative powers, the LAW Commander is given considerable control while out in the field. The main commander will be designated before a guild raid by either the Field Marshal or the Guild Leader, and all members will be expected to respect the appointed Commander while out in the field. The Commander will be chosen from those holding a Field Rank, which may be viewed on the LAW website. The appointed Commander may designate a vice-commander or any other field positions, as needed.

Community Positions

Community Advisor

Class Leader


Recruiter/PR Manager

TS or Site Admin

Artist/Video Editor/Mediamaster


Founding Member

Veteran Badges:

1 Year

2 Years

3 Years