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Fate / Aug 06, 2014
1. Dimpsie, Frosty, JesusCrayonz, and Ohenro has been selected as our new Lieutenants. Congratulations!

2. With Adahn working on his thesis(!) and Summer getting adjusted to her new married life, our two veteran officers have temporarily stepped down until things in real life is settled. Thank you for all your help and we hope to see you guys back in action soon!

3. Nostrom, our Fractals of the Mists Captain, has been voted in as our new Officer. Please lend him your support and let's create a greater guild together. Congratulations!

4. LAW's team has been chosen to participate in the Tournament of Legends 2. Please show our team your support. Good luck team!!

5. Many new events have been posted and are being posted on our guild calendar to keep things fun and interesting. Please show your guild spirit by participating in our events and thus strengthening our comradeship. :D

As always, thank you all for being great. Let's continue to build up a great LAW community!
Fate / Jul 23, 2014
- Two new rules for officers were proposed and passed:
1) Officers must represent 99% - 80% rule only applies to members.
2) Officers must host their own unique event at least once a month.

- Please remember to start nominating your Lieutenants for next month!

- Now that summer is here, some of our officers have been getting busy with real life. Please remember to thank our officers for all their work in LAW, as our officers volunteer their time and work hard for our community. Officers who step down are welcome to come back and step back up!

- Speaking of officers being reinstated, please welcome Adahn back into our leadership circle. He has been an officer in the past and our leadership is glad to have him back with us!

- Please welcome Tiny as a brand new officer. As a long-time veteran, Tiny is excited to help bring a new chapter to LAW. With his vast knowledge in PvP and experience in WvW, he will no doubt prove to be a great commander of LAW!

- Finally, we are looking for a few more members to our Captain rank. Captains are members who have mastered a particular aspect of the game, such as Dungeons and PvP. It is a position of skill (merit-based) and will be awarded to masters who are ready to take on students and elevate the level of our guild.

- Finally, our yearly subscription to our Mumble server is about to end. If possible, please consider donating so we can maintain our voice comm. Contributing even a dollar will go a long way, and it probably won't result in a skipped meal! :)

As always, thank you all for being great. Let's continue to build up a great LAW community!!

Per our June 25th community, please start nominating your Lieutenants for the next two months, now!!

Also, please give a great thank you to our new Guild Advisers: Kate, Spriggin, and Toff. They are our oldest officers who have made the guild what it is today, and as such, we are creating a special honorary rank to indicate their contribution until they would like to return to our GW2 council.

NEW GUILD EVENTS, please check our calendar and join in the fun, because what are guilds for? Hide and Seek is tomorrow (gold rewards!) and KARAOKE NIGHT this Friday! Bring your own drinks!! :D

Guild rules and policies will be updated and re-organized. As a community guild, we strive to be fair and transparent. As always, please keep chat in Mumble and Guild positive. If there are any issues, please whisper an officer. This goes for officers as well. I know we all get passionate because we care about the guild. Let's all work together to continue building up a great community!

Finally, a GREAT BIG THANK YOU for everyone who chipped in to keep Mumble alive! Much love, looking forward to more great times! <3
Fate / May 30, 2014
Per our 5/21/14 meeting and approval by the majority, the term for Lieutenants has been expanded to two months.

Much thanks to Lucian, Mysticque, and Ohenro for being awesome Lieutenants during March!

A huge, guild-wide meeting is being planned for next month to discuss major changes and decisions. We advise all our members to attend and vote!!
Fate / May 30, 2014
Some quick updates: April Nominations are expected to be decided this weekend. Please send your last minute nominations to an officer!

- To former [Miz] members: if you would like to join our community, please feel welcome to mention that you're from [Miz]. Per our verbal agreement with your councilman, we will make the process as familiar as possible, so just feel at home!

- As per last meeting, the leadership is officially backing the formation of "pro" dungeon teams. Primary goal of the teams would be to make a ton of gold in a short period of time. As always, all LAW members are welcome to participate, but members must be willing to learn and follow the direction of the Captain(s) running the teams (such as builds). Of course, we'll still have normal guild LFG/M shouts! (Update:

- Last month, the question of repeat Lieutenant nominations came up. The officers have met and have decided that while this community position is to encourage more members to actively take charge and feel at home, the guild should also continue to reward highly active members who are continuously benefiting our community. After a vote, we have decided that members may be re-appointed as a Lieutenant after three months since their last appointment.

- Due to unforeseen circumstances, the March raffle drawing will be slightly delayed. Raffle tickets for the April-May drawing will still be sold and we continue to welcome guild donations to help booster our war chest for the WvW season 2 and further guild activities. Thank you for your continued support! (Update: Drawing estimated to take place on 4/12)

- Small AFK policy revision: members who do not inform the guild of their AFK and are inactive for at least a month may be removed without notice (defined as: not a single achievement point is gained - this rule is superseded if a member is still active on the forums/mumble/LAW community). As always, all LAW members who were removed via inactivity, but have been otherwise in good standing, will always be welcomed back into our community. We have your back, brothers and sisters!

- As a community guild, LAW may eventually branch out to other games, such as ESO and LoL. To strengthen our community and to keep in touch, we encourage all members to register on our website and stay active! lol Please note that GW2 will always remain our primary game and that the LAW community leadership is closely tied to that of LAW in GW2.

- Spring cleaning! Spearheaded by our officer Sarathiel, many inactive members and inactive/unrepping members have been purged or asked to leave from the guild. The "Friends" rank has been updated and will only be rewarded in special cases only, especially when it will benefit LAW and its members. We continue to stress the "LAW as main guild" rep policy, where we allow multi-guilding as long as members stay involved in our events and rep us during our main gaming hours.

- Commanders - we're actively looking for new commanders to help us cover our off hours and when Toff is busy/away! Please feel welcome to step up and lead a group, as small or big as you want, no pressure - no elitist QQing here! As always, LAW is a proud member of the Blackgate War Council (since Jan '13), discoverer of many popular siege spots, creators of the havok squad, and known to withstand larger forces with our vanguard squad. Come lead us, we kill for fun!! Members who would like to be a more serious, dedicated commander may ask to try out for the ranked guild position.

As always, thank you all from being great, active LAW members! Please feel welcome to suggest new events and ideas at any time. We are a community guild and your involvement directly impacts the nature of our guild!
Fate / Feb 19, 2014
1. LAWCON - If you're attending, please make sure you're on the list!

2. Guild Information Updates - Some clarifications and additions coming soon!

3. GUILD VOTE EXTENSION - Until now, guild meetings were the main vehicle for major changes and updates. Any votes that take place during the meeting took place immediately after being voted on by LAW members who are present for the vote (by default, guild meetings take place on Wednesday).

On 2/19/14, there was a motion to extend the voting to a period of up to 3 days for major changes to allow members who are not present during the guild meetings. The preliminary votes have taken place and both the votes and the merits of the motion will be reviewed by the leadership. Until found otherwise, we will act as if this motion has passed and is in effect.

4. GUILD OFFICER NOMINATION: We're currently looking to add two officers into the guild leadership to help out with the administration of the guild and to cover off-times.

For now, Sarathiel has been nominated as an officer. To be appointed, he will first need to be approved by the majority of the guild membership. After his appointment, there will be a 30 day training period (monitored by current guild officers) in order to ensure smooth transition to the guild officer position.

Please vote [Y]es or [N]o by directly PMing Fate, either on this guild website or via GW2 game mail. To protect our members, your votes will be kept confidential unless there is an extraordinary reason to unseal the records.

Fate / Jan 01, 2014
Happy New Year, everyone!

Here's to starting off the year on a great note!

1. First, let's congratulate to our Lieutenants for January!! As usual, they were nominated in by our members and three were chosen by our officers.

ALSO A GREAT THANK YOU to our December Lieutenants for making a positive impact on our guild! We hope you'll continue to do great things and help guide our new Lieutenants to making their own impression on our guild.

2. During our Christmas Guild Meeting, our members passed a motion to create a record book of sorts, like a hall of fame for past contributors to our guild (such as for former Lieutenants). This would be a great way to create and maintain the history of LAW. Now, we're still working on a name, so suggestions are more than welcome!

3. Guild bank has already been expanded for use by our members. Songless has done a wonderful job in re-organizing the bank and making this happen!

4. The LAW Mentorship Program is coming along greatly. Thank you to all our participants. If you would like to mentor a newer player, please sign up on our mentorship thread! If you're a newer player or is someone interested in learning more (e.g. coe/arah speed runs), please sign up or contact an officer!

5. We plan to further develop our Dungeon Master list by not only helping our current members get their title, but with the addition of a new section. This new section will list our grandmasters of specific master, which should help our current members find fellow speedrunners and also mentors to help teach them how to clear a specific dungeon with ease.

6. A new year, a new update on our website! Please thank Eyeverson for providing our guild with a great looking guild banner! :D

7. Due to the increasing LAW size and presence in WvW, we plan to organize ourselves and become more effective leading zergs and fighting in the open field. This is a huge change of direction for us and we don't plan to stop havoking, but as a major WvW guild, we are increasingly being asked to take command of borderlands during our guild call days. And anyway, we're LAW. Challenge Accepted!

8. We have a lot more PvP players are we are interested in forming regular tournament PvP teams. If you are interested, please let us know (we'll have a thread up shortly).

9. LAW plans to GREATLY take things up a few notches in our PvE division. Big news to come in our next open guild meeting on Jan. 4, 2014.

Thank you to all our members for making us an awesome guild, and may we continue to become a greater guild for the new year!

Stay strong and stay warm!


Fate / Dec 12, 2013
Much has happened, and our leadership would like to thank our community for helping us become a greater guild. We've broken milestones after milestones and are finally ready to gradually expand beyond our NA peak times.

Our current leadership would like to thank Adahn and Mixie for being wonderful guild officers. Due to individual circumstances, our former officers have decided to step down until they are absolutely sure they have the time and focus for our guild and on our amazing members.!

Our "member of the month" Lieutenant program has been a great success. I would like to thank our November Lieutenants for starting it off successfully, and also thank our current December Lieutenants for all their guidance and activities.

Since our roster continues to grow past the 250s, our administration will continue to monitor our membership for a list of inactives to better prepare for the New Year. As a dynamic guild, LAW strives to keep itself active and relevant.

To strengthen our community, LAW now participates in various social media, from game related vehicles, such as the Blackgate War Council, to the more everyday applications, like Facebook and Twitter.

On a final note, please continue to help our guild become greater and more active than ever by continuing to contribute, participate in guild activities, and playing the game with us!

Few quick things in the works:
- LAW Mentorship Program: Come by and let's really get involved!
- Recruitment Drive, Phase 2: To better accommodate our non-NA evening members, and to help us become a 24/7 always active community, we have gradually began to accept players who are not within our peak times. Although we will try to be flexible, the rules will apply to these recruits as well, and inactive members will be removed.
- Guild Bank: To keep up with the level of guild activity and membership, we plan to expand the public guild access to the guild vault and cave.
- To keep up with our expansion, we plan to open a few more seats in the leadership council. As always, potential officers may be nominated by members and must be approved by a live member vote.

Fate / Sep 17, 2013
As our guild expands and becomes even more active, it becomes necessary for our guild leadership to adjust to our growth. After much deliberation, Adahn the Ineffable was nominated in today's Open Guild Meeting.

After a guild vote, Adahn was elected as one of Love & War's guild officer by guild majority vote. Out of the attendees, 19 members chose to vote (members who voted to abstain were not counted in the tally).

Congratulations to our new officer! Please help your new officer adjust to his new role (probationary period ends on October 19) and help us all work towards building a greater guild!

+ Other News:

1. Guild Stash (topmost section of the guild bank) is now open to all members. "Take a penny, leave a penny" honor system.

2. GUILD MISSIONS is now hosted on Wednesday. 2 sets (PM EST) @ 8:30 and another 2 @ 10:30.