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December 2015

Fate / Feb 02, 2016

Important Updates:
1. Guild Missions can now be run anytime. ASK AN OFFICER IF YOU NEED IT.

2. Guild Represent Policy to be enforced again after November 10th. As our members know when applying to our guild, LAW should be your main guild. Members are allowed to have multiple guilds as long as they are representing us the majority of times (thanks to the HoT update, you can now chat with any of your guilds, even while repping LAW). As we mentioned for years, please let us know if you have special circumstances and we will work with you!

3. Many new events coming up, be sure to check the calendar and updates frequently and join the fun!

4. A second raid team will be created after the first team is all set. There won't be a set roster for this team, however, alternates from the first team will have priority slots. The rest of the slots will be available for open call on the day of the raid.

HEART OF THORNS IS HERE!!! We're now looking for 1-2 new officers to help us grow and organize brand new events. Poke Fate for more info!




Lion's Arch has been rebuilt and is now easily the best looking city of Tyria. Beautiful stuff, and the city looks like it can defend itself better as well. Take that, Karka Invasion and Scarlet Briar!

Thank you all for attending the world's first public Quaggan Parade in Lion's Arch! Much love to Criina for organizing the event, as well as the greater GW2 community for helping us create an unforgettable night in GW2! See more epic screenies here!

Suicide Darts: Thank you for joining our first Public Suicide Darts event! A big congrats to our winner, Eira Wintershadow!
Guild 2v2 Prized Tournament TBA.

May 5th PvP Video (sorry, Shadowplay died on the others!):

March 23rd PvP Videos are up on:

If Toff lead a zerg, how much more would he face rek than usual?!
Heart of Thorns newsletter & beta signup:
Heart of Thorns Preview:

Official LAW Video of 2015:
Current Guild Projects:
1. Refine the Slayer Advanced Rank Membership and contribute to the GW2 e-sports scene and to assist all our members develop their individual skills and teamplay for guild PvP queues.
2. Increase our Vanguard roster for a stronger WvW presence and in preparation for future skirms.
3. Gradually our leadership coverage for the weekend, with the long-term goal of expanding to the Oceanic time zones.


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