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The Invasion Starts October 23

Criina / Sep 05, 2015
If you were unaware, ArenaNet officially announced a release date for the long anticipated expansion!

The war between Tyria and Mordremoth begins October 23 so get your expansion pre-ordered so you can dive into the action the moment it drops!
In Heart of Thorns, the gameplay for Guild Wars 2 will be brought to a completely new level!

Master the 39 unique endgame tiers in 7 tracks! 15 tiers are Central Tyrian Masteries that give way to the Pact Commander Mastery, Legendary Crafting Mastery, and Fractal Attunement Mastery. Back out in Maguuma, 24 initial tracks will give you the power to hang glide your way through the canopies of the dense forests, learn secrets of the Exalted, Itzel, and Nuhoch factions. Completing different masteries will give you the advantage you need to survive the hostile environment.

Raise the bar with the skills of your chosen profession by taking up the challenge of the elite specializations. Each of the classes, including revenant, will be given a new weapon to wield and with those new weapons come new abilities!

With the releasing of Heart of Thorns, a long beloved character of Destiny's Edge makes a surprising return from the depths of the Mists. Yes, Rytlock Brimstone has returned with strange and startling new powers given to him. He holds the powers of the revenant and we'll soon learn how he was bestowed with these strange new capabilities.

Everyone's guild has been from one end of Tyria to the other. From the far south region of Elona to the farthest reaches of the Far Shiverpeaks, we have conquered the force of elder dragons and rebuilt Lion's Arch anew after the fall of a mad villain. Now a new challenge comes, in the unknown darkness calling to the heroes of Tyria, we set out into lands unseen. But in these unknown jungles lay not just new enemies but new allies as well. There we will claim a home to protect us from the wilderness. We call this refuge the guild hall.

New battles are coming our way with the new PvP map Stronghold, the Desert Borderlands, raised fractal levels, and raids. Take up your most trusted teammates and favourite weapon to thrash all those who stand in your way.

Heart of Thorns is coming, and Mordremoth will not wait for you.


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