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Spring News - 2015

Fate / May 22, 2015
CALLING ALL MEMBERS: Open Guild Meeting on Monday, May 25, at 8PM EST. Be there, vote, and let your voice be heard.

Join our celebration in Lion's Arch on May 25th for our Quaggan Parade!

Attention, citizens of Lion's Arch,

The rebuilding effort has begun! Please tread carefully around the construction zones, and try to respect the workers as they transform our beloved port into something new. Planning has taken much time, as the architects have had to work through many engineering and architectural challenges before agreeing on the final design of the city. Thank you for your patience and resilience during this difficult time. Together we'll make the new Lion's Arch a metropolis for the ages.

— Ellen Kiel

Thanks to all who showed for our public guild Suicide Darts event!
LAW Suicide Darts prized event on May 20 after Guild Missions!

We appreciate all our members who participated in our first fundraising campaign of 2015.
Congrats to our Love & Ectos raffle winners!

NOW HIRING: Looking for someone who can create AMAZING videos using our WvW or PvP guild footage. We will try to compensate you as much as possible! <3

Official LAW Video of 2015:

March 16th: Dyeing for PvP - guild dueling event!

March 9th: Elementalist Workshop - best improved ele goes to Nate!

February 14th: Happy Valentine's Day!

February 16th: LAW's first Fashion Contest will take place on February 16! Start going through your wardrobe for the best look. Show off your screenies and start gathering fans! Or come as part of the audience and vote for your first Miss/Mister Love And War!
More info:

Congrats to our winners Oreo, Andraus, and Summer, and to all our fashionable members who showed off their stuff to make this event a success!

Our members brought our their mesmers, warriors, and necros for our guild Skyhammer Golf event hosted on February 7th!

Thank you for participating in our guild Hunger Games event of January 30th!
Join our Hunger Games on Fridays! This is a fun and exciting guild event, and we encourage all members who are online Friday to experience the camaraderie of fellow guildies fighting each other for the sake of survival! Furthermore, there is a bounty on Sarathiel of 1 Gold per kill (after the grace period is over)! If you can remember to during all the intense action, be sure to take your best screenies/vids and post them here!



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