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December Update

Fate / Jan 28, 2015
Officers are soon to have their November guild meeting before the end of the month. For now, we would like to give you a quick reminder to submit your Lieutenant nominations now! If you've seen a fellow guildie stepping up and being active and helpful, be sure to submit his/her name and recognize his/her contribution to our guild!

Second, please be sure to sign up for our next LAW PvP tourny! Winners of our last prized event has been announced previously on the forums.

More events are to be scheduled soon when possible. Also, the new guild quests will be up when available. We apologize for the wait, but please note that it will set up on our own time as we don't get paid a salary to do this. We're doing this for fun!

Here's a preview of what to expect on just the quest system itself:

Finally, we hope our great guild members continue to chip in, contribute, show up to events, and help make this guild better! As we've always said in the past, the point of this guild is to have fun and to gather a great group of people to play games with. The point of guilds is to enjoy ourselves, make friends, and to support each other for maximum enjoyment. We're all here because we want to be, and if not, no one is being forced to stay. We're not here to turn you into soldiers, we're not here to be your personal bank and LFG system, we're not here to provide free psychiatric care, and we're not here as a welface service.

We want to give you a hand up as your friends, not a handout as if you're beneath us. If you enjoy being part of our community, then we hope that everyone will continue to do their part, without being prompted, by remaining active, helping us discover new ways to have fun, and by remembering that we are here to be your friends. We're all gamers here, just looking to have a good time!

Update/Preview of new changes for the New Year:
- mission & vision of our guild
- discussion: return to our roots to wvw and pvp?
- taking another look at our rank & structure
- announcement of the reward system and prizes
- new events and activities
- New Vanguard Rank to be in service by the next WvW Season
- New PvP workshops
- LAW tPvP Teams & Tryouts

Finally, one of our oldest member of the guild is returning as an officer! Please give a warm welcome back to Summer!

UPDATE: Please signup for either our next generation Havoc Squad or attend our weekly PvP workshop! As always, guild missions is on Wednesday @ 9 PM Eastern, with makeups on @ Saturday 2:30 PM.

Once both our PvP team and WvW squad is ready, we will begin the roll out the Vanguard rank! LAW's new Guild Reward System will most likely be tied to this new position.

+ Also let's kick off the New Year with new events! Expect two prized events on January for some good times!

And most importantly of all, ENJOY THE HOLIDAYS!


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