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October Update

Fate / Nov 16, 2014
The LAW Team
As the summer ends and schedules change, some changes has been made to our leadership. Sarathiel has stepped down due to school and his outstanding contribution to the guild has been recognized in the honor roll.

Toff, one of our oldest and most respected officers, has returned to our leadership and has resumed commanding for our guild WvW activities. Please show him and our guild your support by showing up in force and wrecking havoc! Also, Lucian has completed his trial period successfully and we are proud to have him on as a permanent officer of LAW. Please show him your support and look forward to his new events!

Please don't forget about our current Lieutenants and Captains! Most recently, Ohenro has joined to help our members with events and PvE activities.

As always, don't hesitate to contact any officer at any time for any reason. Officer in-game names are listed on the sidebar on the right (scroll down if necessary). For any game related activities or questions, Captains and Guild Contributors may be able to best help you due to their great skills and specializations.

LAW is always looking to add experienced hands to our staff. Please contact Fate to discuss LAW can become greater with your help! For the busy bodies who would like to make an impact, we also take note of Guild Contributors. If you can help in small ways, such as being a master of editing and creating awesome video footage, then go ahead and contact us!

Events and Activities
As Autumn comes around, it's time to revitalize the guild with brand new events, as well as strengthening our main events. LAW has a long and proud history in GW2 and we welcome our community members to show solidarity by being active and showing up to as many events as possible, no matter how brief. Every member can make a difference and contribute to continuing the fun and longevity of Love And War!

As always, our main Guild Mission day is on every Wednesday, starting at 9 PM Eastern Time. Besides weekly guild missions, the most important memberwide, open guild meetings and announcements happen then. Nominations and voting usually happen during these meetings, and the best way to have your voice heard and suggest new ideas is during the open discussions! Every member has the right to be heard, so please don't hesitate to contribute then!

With Toff's return, LAW has already had a strong impact on our server's World vs World activities - from ninja-capping various keeps to heavily assisting the main zerg in huge 10+ minute battles (hope to have some vids up soon!). WvW events do depend on participation and availability of both Toff and our members, so please participate when our guild raids are announced (usually in the evens, NA time). Traditionally, LAW mainly runs havok, vanguard, and roaming kill squads (i.e. thieves).

Please sign up for the Tournament of Love And War! Bring your best and team up against other LAW members and smash each other to bits, just for fun!

New Guild Perk/Buff
As hinted in our October 1st guild meeting, a huge new perk is coming soon to LAW, thanks to our legendary guild quaggan! To reward loyal and active members, guildies may now start accumulating points to trade in for various things, such as weapon and armor skins, gold and gems, and even things like gaming keyboards and mousepads. There will also be a few, large ticket items for the most competitive and active members, such as a high-end graphic card.

Once again, this new perk is to reward loyalty and activity, so the ones benefiting the most will be consistent, long-term members and contributors. Points will be rewarded in many ways, from starting interesting or helpful new forum threads to showing up to events to being the life of the party in guild chat. It's a great time to convince all your friends to join LAW now before the new perks kicks off. Please look forward to the great revealing of our new Guild Buff once the details are ironed out!

Donors & Contributors
We would like to take a moment to thank some generous hearts that have made our hosting a voice comm server and prized events possible (specifically Leo and Fanta/Asuna). Our community is always expanding, and every dollar helps us maintain and expand our Teamspeak server, as well as funding fun events to keep our community strong! To donate, please click on our Paypal button on the sidebar to the right of the screen!

Finally, our staff would like to thank all our loyal and active members for making what LAW is today! We recognize that everyone, even the shy ones lurking in the dark, are heavily contributing to the success of our guild by participating in events, sharing new ideas, recruiting and helping newbies, and by simply interacting and running parties with other guildies. Thank you!


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