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August Update

Fate / Oct 05, 2014
Hey all! We've had a guild meeting on August 6th and a number of things have happened.

1. The guild has voted! The majority of our membership prefers to use Teamspeak over Mumble. We will figure out the logistics and will let members know soon!

2. A vote has been lukewarmly passed by our membership vote to approve the possibility of future guild mergers and acquisition of officers/talent from outside. Our leadership strongly prefers to promote from within, but this possibility will allow us to fill gaps when we are shorthanded and need experienced leaders to steer the ship.

3. The motion for a Guild Participation Requirement has overwhelmingly passed today. The details are not yet set in stone are are still up for discussion. Preliminary ideas includes requiring members to participate in official guild events once or twice a month, at the minimum, to maintain their member status. We will still continue to work with members who post on the AFK forums or let the leadership know of their particular circumstances that prevents attendance.

Our ultimate goal is to advance our guild as a quality community, as the purpose of a guild is to play a game together as a group. Higher turnout rates should boost guild comradeship and spirit.

Another thing our guild would like to address, related to participation, are the players themselves. As our guild keeps growing (400+ atm), it has been pointed our that our newer members may not contribute directly to an activity. For example, a member may AFK during a guild challenge after tagging a kill. This type of behavior goes against the spirit of our guild and our leadership would like to work towards having our members continue to pull their own weight instead of hiding behind numbers and leeching off our most active members. The 80/20 rule should not have to apply to our guild, especially when we're all here to have fun and play together.

Third, we encourage all members to contribute to the guild in a any way possible because every hand makes a difference!! It could be as simple as showing up to our events, to chatting and helping out members and making newbies feel welcomed, to helping organizing events, to maintaining a positive and fun guild culture, to something as simple as sharing ideas, suggestions, and opinions! The worst thing in any community is apathy, which is far from what we are about! Debates and radical new ideas are all okay as well, as long as discussions remain civil and friendly. At the end of the day, it's all about having fun - no matter what we do!

Lastly, we are currently accepting applications for leadership roles. Please mail or otherwise contact Fate directly with a general statement, such as what experience you have and how you can add to our leadership. Serious inquiries only, as leadership positions will require skills, commitment, and perseverance.

As always, thank you for being outstanding members of LAW.



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