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Fate / Sep 24, 2017


Since there definitely will be Pokémon GO meetups in NYC!

A new era:
If you love GW2 and would like a crack at running the group there, let us know!

We believe we've done all that we've wanted to on GW2 and are excited to go on a new voyage to accomplish great things on new lands. Join us on Black Desert Online (NA version) and let's make magic happen!

Server: Uno | Channel: Mediah U2



Please sign up for the raid team on this thread:

Raid days will most likely be Thursday, Friday, and/or Saturday evenings. If you are available on any of these days, we encourage you to join the fun and get on board!

We will most likely accept members on a first come first serve basis for the raids after the dedicated raiders are accounted for, allowing some flexibility for members who are interested in raiding, but have been unable to do to IRL.

Please sign up ASAP and let us know which days and times work for you!

Fate / Feb 02, 2016

Important Updates:
1. Guild Missions can now be run anytime. ASK AN OFFICER IF YOU NEED IT.

2. Guild Represent Policy to be enforced again after November 10th. As our members know when applying to our guild, LAW should be your main guild. Members are allowed to have multiple guilds as long as they are representing us the majority of times (thanks to the HoT update, you can now chat with any of your guilds, even while repping LAW). As we mentioned for years, please let us know if you have special circumstances and we will work with you!

3. Many new events coming up, be sure to check the calendar and updates frequently and join the fun!

4. A second raid team will be created after the first team is all set. There won't be a set roster for this team, however, alternates from the first team will have priority slots. The rest of the slots will be available for open call on the day of the raid.

HEART OF THORNS IS HERE!!! We're now looking for 1-2 new officers to help us grow and organize brand new events. Poke Fate for more info!




Lion's Arch has been rebuilt and is now easily the best looking city of Tyria. Beautiful stuff, and the city looks like it can defend itself better as well. Take that, Karka Invasion and Scarlet Briar!

Thank you all for attending the world's first public Quaggan Parade in Lion's Arch! Much love to Criina for organizing the event, as well as the greater GW2 community for helping us create an unforgettable night in GW2! See more epic screenies here!

Suicide Darts: Thank you for joining our first Public Suicide Darts event! A big congrats to our winner, Eira Wintershadow!
Guild 2v2 Prized Tournament TBA.

May 5th PvP Video (sorry, Shadowplay died on the others!):

March 23rd PvP Videos are up on:

If Toff lead a zerg, how much more would he face rek than usual?!
Heart of Thorns newsletter & beta signup:
Heart of Thorns Preview:

Official LAW Video of 2015:
Current Guild Projects:
1. Refine the Slayer Advanced Rank Membership and contribute to the GW2 e-sports scene and to assist all our members develop their individual skills and teamplay for guild PvP queues.
2. Increase our Vanguard roster for a stronger WvW presence and in preparation for future skirms.
3. Gradually our leadership coverage for the weekend, with the long-term goal of expanding to the Oceanic time zones.
Criina / Sep 05, 2015
If you were unaware, ArenaNet officially announced a release date for the long anticipated expansion!

The war between Tyria and Mordremoth begins October 23 so get your expansion pre-ordered so you can dive into the action the moment it drops!
In Heart of Thorns, the gameplay for Guild Wars 2 will be brought to a completely new level!

Master the 39 unique endgame tiers in 7 tracks! 15 tiers are Central Tyrian Masteries that give way to the Pact Commander Mastery, Legendary Crafting Mastery, and Fractal Attunement Mastery. Back out in Maguuma, 24 initial tracks will give you the power to hang glide your way through the canopies of the dense forests, learn secrets of the Exalted, Itzel, and Nuhoch factions. Completing different masteries will give you the advantage you need to survive the hostile environment.

Raise the bar with the skills of your chosen profession by taking up the challenge of the elite specializations. Each of the classes, including revenant, will be given a new weapon to wield and with those new weapons come new abilities!

With the releasing of Heart of Thorns, a long beloved character of Destiny's Edge makes a surprising return from the depths of the Mists. Yes, Rytlock Brimstone has returned with strange and startling new powers given to him. He holds the powers of the revenant and we'll soon learn how he was bestowed with these strange new capabilities.

Everyone's guild has been from one end of Tyria to the other. From the far south region of Elona to the farthest reaches of the Far Shiverpeaks, we have conquered the force of elder dragons and rebuilt Lion's Arch anew after the fall of a mad villain. Now a new challenge comes, in the unknown darkness calling to the heroes of Tyria, we set out into lands unseen. But in these unknown jungles lay not just new enemies but new allies as well. There we will claim a home to protect us from the wilderness. We call this refuge the guild hall.

New battles are coming our way with the new PvP map Stronghold, the Desert Borderlands, raised fractal levels, and raids. Take up your most trusted teammates and favourite weapon to thrash all those who stand in your way.

Heart of Thorns is coming, and Mordremoth will not wait for you.
Fate / May 22, 2015
CALLING ALL MEMBERS: Open Guild Meeting on Monday, May 25, at 8PM EST. Be there, vote, and let your voice be heard.

Join our celebration in Lion's Arch on May 25th for our Quaggan Parade!

Attention, citizens of Lion's Arch,

The rebuilding effort has begun! Please tread carefully around the construction zones, and try to respect the workers as they transform our beloved port into something new. Planning has taken much time, as the architects have had to work through many engineering and architectural challenges before agreeing on the final design of the city. Thank you for your patience and resilience during this difficult time. Together we'll make the new Lion's Arch a metropolis for the ages.

— Ellen Kiel

Thanks to all who showed for our public guild Suicide Darts event!
LAW Suicide Darts prized event on May 20 after Guild Missions!

We appreciate all our members who participated in our first fundraising campaign of 2015.
Congrats to our Love & Ectos raffle winners!

NOW HIRING: Looking for someone who can create AMAZING videos using our WvW or PvP guild footage. We will try to compensate you as much as possible! <3

Official LAW Video of 2015:

March 16th: Dyeing for PvP - guild dueling event!

March 9th: Elementalist Workshop - best improved ele goes to Nate!

February 14th: Happy Valentine's Day!

February 16th: LAW's first Fashion Contest will take place on February 16! Start going through your wardrobe for the best look. Show off your screenies and start gathering fans! Or come as part of the audience and vote for your first Miss/Mister Love And War!
More info:

Congrats to our winners Oreo, Andraus, and Summer, and to all our fashionable members who showed off their stuff to make this event a success!

Our members brought our their mesmers, warriors, and necros for our guild Skyhammer Golf event hosted on February 7th!

Thank you for participating in our guild Hunger Games event of January 30th!
Join our Hunger Games on Fridays! This is a fun and exciting guild event, and we encourage all members who are online Friday to experience the camaraderie of fellow guildies fighting each other for the sake of survival! Furthermore, there is a bounty on Sarathiel of 1 Gold per kill (after the grace period is over)! If you can remember to during all the intense action, be sure to take your best screenies/vids and post them here!

Fate / Mar 01, 2015

Our guild has completed our restructuring for the New Year (it's 2015, baby!!) and our leadership is excited to announce our new updates and upcoming events!

We believe that organization will be an extremely important theme for the year of 2015. In anticipation of the new WvW season(s), our highly active PvP'ers, and new content announced with Guild War 2's first expansion, the Heart of Thorns (new borderland, new Guild vs Guild mode, Guild Halls, and Anet's continuing efforts to boost GW2's PvP scene), here are some of the changes we're making:

First, we will be making an effort to return to our roots, while simultaneously evolving our structure to adapt to the upcoming changes to GW2. LAW started off as a small, tight-knit, hardcore group that was focused on World vs World. As LAW grew and developed its unique, friendly culture, our guild began to accommodate the general population by being casual and becoming PvX.

To better focus our values, vision, goals, and continuing longevity of our guild, Love And War will return to developing and strengthening our WvW and PvP forces. However, we do not plan to do this by eliminating our more casual friends, family, and time-restricted members. Our guild culture and our members are extremely important to us! Instead, we will enhance our focus by rewarding and empowering our core group of members who go above and beyond the typical player by directly, consistently, and conscientiously expanding our prestige, war force, and activity.

Hence, we would like to introduce new Advanced Membership Ranks for our guild. These advanced positions will be a merit-based, streamlined ranks for the more dedicated and hardcore members of our guild. Joining one of the core, advanced groups, will be easy - simply enlist to the respective group. The hard part will be maintaining the rank, as these advanced ranks are meant to show us your current status (which not only makes it easier for our guild to assemble our forces, on the spot, but also serve to help our newer members know who our currently active, go-to members are for their particular field of expertise).

Advanced ranked members will be expected to both act and be treated as some of our best members. Advanced ranked members will be held to a higher standard and will be given access to additional benefits as appropriate to their position. Advanced members should be keeping the bigger picture in mind by staying within the ranks and working together as a team in other to obliterate the opposing forces. Advanced ranked members who step out of line may be demoted on the spot in to keep order. As always, all guild members have the opportunity to earn or re-earn an advanced rank position by fulfilling the necessary obligations required of the advanced rank.

Advanced Membership Ranks

The Vanguard Rank: This rank will be used to denote the main members of LAW's Havoc Squad. That's not the say that we won't have exception members who join us in WvW and are not part of the Vanguard. Rather, this rank is reserved for members who are dedicated to consistently making a difference out in the field by expanding our guild's presence in WvW and helping maintain the reputation of Blackgate, our home server. Vanguard members will have priority in representing us for GvGs.

To become part of the Vanguard, either sign up on the Havoc Squad thread or inform a guild commander or an officer of LAW. When you enlist, you are making a commitment to be there for us when we call for you. Whether by participating during our scheduled WvW raid days (currently Tues & Thurs during the off-season) or by being available when we are challenged to a GvG, you will be ready and willing to kick some ass in our name.

With that said, please note that we understand real-life commitments and have consistently been saying that our guild is all about fun. If you're unable to log in, then you will not be demoted. The AFK Policy applies for all our advanced membership ranks: Just Let Us Know! The important thing is to answer our call to arms when you are online.

The Raider Rank: Members of this rank will have priority for future GW2 raids (i.e. guaranteed raid slots). LAW members will have an opportunity to earn this rank before HoT is released by attending a minimum number of guild events per week (including a guild mission event).

The Esports (tentative) Rank: LAW members may opt to create their own LAW PvP team. An officially sponsored LAW team must designate a team captain and have a minimum of 5 players on the roster (an additional slots for a substitute, for a coach, and a manager will be allowed, if necessary). Non-guildies may be allowed on the team, however they must represent our guild during training and during team PvP. In addition, the captain or main organizer of the team must be a LAW member.

All three advanced membership ranks will have permissions necessary to view applications, interview, tryout, and accept new recruits into LAW. Additional benefits will be made available, such as advanced membership only events and rewards.

Guild Recruitment

As part of our ongoing effort to strengthen our guild and fulfilling our vision, our leadership is calling for a brand new Recruitment Drive! As we all know, our last recruitment drive was an astounding success, which helped our smaller guild of 120ish to eventually gaining over 300 members.

As before, we would like to call on our great members to help us find quality players in order to maintain our level of fun, active, and awesomeness! In terms of new members, the first thing we look for in a member is compatibility. As a fairly jerk-free community, new members should be chill and friendly like us! Second, we are looking for loyal, long-term members. Members should represent us as their main guild (~90% rep) and be fully ready to dive into our community and be the best they could be! Finally, we would prefer for our new members to register on our website and join us on Teamspeak! After all, who wants brand new no-show friend, only in name, who is never there for you?

Speaking of friends! Guild friends are still welcome, such as those who frequently join us for PvP or contribute to the guild in various ways, such as adding time to our custom LAW arena. Please remember to let us know of their status OR to set their rank as Guild Friend to avoid their being kicked from the guild.

Finally, we are specifically looking to recruit additional PvP and WvW players into our guild. This is because we assume that everyone does PvE anyway, most of which can be easily done solo or with pugs. With that said, we will still accept active and sociable PvE-only players on a case-by-case basis, particularly players who are interested in future GW2 raids and other organized PvE content.

To sum it up, LAW is looking to recruit dedicated, casually hardcore GW2 players.

Guild Policy & Retiring Ranks

As part of our revitalized leadership and our new recruitment campaign, we would like to remind both current and potential members of our represent policy. As a historical GW2 guild with an excellent community, staffed by highly skilled gamers, our guild has and will always have a LAW as your main guild policy. Members who fail to show up to guild events and represent our guild without a good excuse will be demoted. Initiates who fail to represent our guild and display their potential as a proud and contributing member of LAW will be purged from our roster.

We would also like to welcome back Sarathiel into our guild leadership! As mentioned in the past, Sarathiel has opted to temporarily step down due to IRL commitments. As he returned within a three months period, he has been added back into our leadership without being subjected to a public vote of approval.

In order to make room for our new Advanced Membership Ranks, as well as to remove redundancies, LAW will be retiring the Guild Lieutenant, Captain, and Advisor ranks. We thank everyone who have once served as part of these ranks and salute them for their service!

As a special note, the leadership would like to express our sincere gratitude to our former guild officers and advisors, Miss Mixie and Spriggin, for their outstanding contribution to our guild and for serving as part of the leadership for over 2 year.

Spriggin has done a great job in mediating between members and keeping our guild drama-free during his term. Miss Mixie has always been our most energetic organizer, and to this day, no one has yet surpassed Miss Mixie as our guild's Number One Fan and Cheerleader!

Thank you both! We love you, appreciate you, and wish the very best for you. /salute

Available Leadership Roles

Love And War may have some limited leadership opportunities as part of our new campaign for 2015.

1. We are searching for one Officer, who is available on the weekends. Applicant must have relevant skills or experience and/or must be able to raise guild numbers and activity without supervision. This is a Ranked Leadership Role. The ideal candidate will be experienced, loyal & trustworthy, mature & responsible, chill & drama-free, and possess independent & sensible decision-making ability.

2. We may be looking for additional commanders as our WvW activity steps back up. To qualify, prospective commanders must have an Advanced Membership Rank or above, and possess a strong, indomitable will. We will not be teaching you how to command - you must be a born leader or have acquired the necessary skills (via your keen sense of observation or otherwise) needed to wreck havoc!

3. We are planning to designate class leaders for our guild. The ideal candidate will be in one of the three Advanced Membership Ranks and will be the go-to member for their class. Class leaders should keep up with the current metabuilds (or more) for their classes, be able to lead their classes when needed (such as in WvW or during PvP workshops), as well as being able to confidently teach other members their class builds and rotations, and preferably should be among some of our best 1v1 duelist for their class specialty (or otherwise display exceptional knowledge for their particular class). Class leaders must command respect.

Additional roles may be available (if you can convince us of a strong need).

How You Can Contribute

We understand that everyone has their own circumstances and their unique way of doing things, and we agree that each of our members are a valuable part of our community, no matter their skills or background. No one here needs to become a pro gamer to help us become a greater guild!

As a gaming organization that does not demand membership dues, our community runs entirely on the hearts and generosity of our members. By voluntarily contributing your time or spare resources, your giving back to the community (for the usage of guild resources, the connections & friends, advice & answers, free food & buffs, events & prizes, and all laughs & the good times) goes a long way towards maintaining the success & longevity of our guild! Here are a few ways that even the most casual players can do to make a real impact on our guild:

1. Being Available. If time is your best asset, then we encourage you to come join us in fellowship! Whether you run in parties with us and chat with us on Teamspeak, come to every guild event possible, or reach out to our new members to help them ease into our guild, being available for your fellow members will help our guild remain a fun, friendly, and active community, which is a priceless medium for online gamers like ourselves!

2. Custom Arena Time Tokens. Whether you acquired a PvP token from your daily rewards or decide to chip in a measly 2 gold for one, know that every token counts! Please search for [LAW] in the PvP filter and help us continue to keep our PvP arena up and running!

3. Guild Commendations. In the past, we've had many members who have ran Guild Missions with us long enough that after outfitting every single one of their characters with Ascended Accessories, they've had plenty of Commendations to spare. Buying Guild Catapults and donating them to the Guild Bank or to our WvW Commanders directly contributes to our war efforts, as we will literally use your donation to smash in the face of our enemies and splatter their bodies across the burning wreckage of their smoldering towers.

4. Currency. While being the simplest, this gift has withstood the test of times in being ever useful. Whether funding our war chests with virtual gold, used for both events and for helping our members transfer into Blackgate, or donating a pretty penny to ensure the maintenance of our Teamspeak server and community resources, your gesture will go a long way towards keeping our community going for many years to come.

5. Virtual Items. These pretty little pixels that you pick up throughout your GW2 adventures, be it rare skins or valuable dyes, will help us fund events by providing exciting prizes for our members! Optionally, donating exotics towards our communal guild bank will help our newer players get on our feet (which hopefully, they will later reciprocate to other new members).

Guild Events & Contests

Special name the rank contest: 5 gold will be given to the member who suggests the best name for the PvP advanced rank title!

Join our new Havoc Squad by registering as a Vanguard member! Do your part by spreading our name and might by enlisting with us and then by smashing in the face of our enemies!
Enlist here:

Guild 2v2 Tournament has been announced for February 9! Sign up and join the fun, or come and watch, and bet gold on your favorite team!

LAW's first Fashion Contest will take place on February 16! Start going through your wardrobe for the best look. Show off your screenies and start gathering fans! Or come as part of the audience and vote for your first Miss/Mister Love And War!
More info:

Join our Hunger Games on Fridays! This is a fun and exciting guild event, and we encourage all members who are online Friday to experience the camaraderie of fellow guildies fighting each other for the sake of survival! Furthermore, there is a bounty on Sarathiel of 1 Gold per kill (after the grace period is over)! If you can remember to during all the intense action, be sure to take your best screenies/vids and post them here!
Fate / Jan 28, 2015
Officers are soon to have their November guild meeting before the end of the month. For now, we would like to give you a quick reminder to submit your Lieutenant nominations now! If you've seen a fellow guildie stepping up and being active and helpful, be sure to submit his/her name and recognize his/her contribution to our guild!

Second, please be sure to sign up for our next LAW PvP tourny! Winners of our last prized event has been announced previously on the forums.

More events are to be scheduled soon when possible. Also, the new guild quests will be up when available. We apologize for the wait, but please note that it will set up on our own time as we don't get paid a salary to do this. We're doing this for fun!

Here's a preview of what to expect on just the quest system itself:

Finally, we hope our great guild members continue to chip in, contribute, show up to events, and help make this guild better! As we've always said in the past, the point of this guild is to have fun and to gather a great group of people to play games with. The point of guilds is to enjoy ourselves, make friends, and to support each other for maximum enjoyment. We're all here because we want to be, and if not, no one is being forced to stay. We're not here to turn you into soldiers, we're not here to be your personal bank and LFG system, we're not here to provide free psychiatric care, and we're not here as a welface service.

We want to give you a hand up as your friends, not a handout as if you're beneath us. If you enjoy being part of our community, then we hope that everyone will continue to do their part, without being prompted, by remaining active, helping us discover new ways to have fun, and by remembering that we are here to be your friends. We're all gamers here, just looking to have a good time!

Update/Preview of new changes for the New Year:
- mission & vision of our guild
- discussion: return to our roots to wvw and pvp?
- taking another look at our rank & structure
- announcement of the reward system and prizes
- new events and activities
- New Vanguard Rank to be in service by the next WvW Season
- New PvP workshops
- LAW tPvP Teams & Tryouts

Finally, one of our oldest member of the guild is returning as an officer! Please give a warm welcome back to Summer!

UPDATE: Please signup for either our next generation Havoc Squad or attend our weekly PvP workshop! As always, guild missions is on Wednesday @ 9 PM Eastern, with makeups on @ Saturday 2:30 PM.

Once both our PvP team and WvW squad is ready, we will begin the roll out the Vanguard rank! LAW's new Guild Reward System will most likely be tied to this new position.

+ Also let's kick off the New Year with new events! Expect two prized events on January for some good times!

And most importantly of all, ENJOY THE HOLIDAYS!
Fate / Nov 16, 2014
The LAW Team
As the summer ends and schedules change, some changes has been made to our leadership. Sarathiel has stepped down due to school and his outstanding contribution to the guild has been recognized in the honor roll.

Toff, one of our oldest and most respected officers, has returned to our leadership and has resumed commanding for our guild WvW activities. Please show him and our guild your support by showing up in force and wrecking havoc! Also, Lucian has completed his trial period successfully and we are proud to have him on as a permanent officer of LAW. Please show him your support and look forward to his new events!

Please don't forget about our current Lieutenants and Captains! Most recently, Ohenro has joined to help our members with events and PvE activities.

As always, don't hesitate to contact any officer at any time for any reason. Officer in-game names are listed on the sidebar on the right (scroll down if necessary). For any game related activities or questions, Captains and Guild Contributors may be able to best help you due to their great skills and specializations.

LAW is always looking to add experienced hands to our staff. Please contact Fate to discuss LAW can become greater with your help! For the busy bodies who would like to make an impact, we also take note of Guild Contributors. If you can help in small ways, such as being a master of editing and creating awesome video footage, then go ahead and contact us!

Events and Activities
As Autumn comes around, it's time to revitalize the guild with brand new events, as well as strengthening our main events. LAW has a long and proud history in GW2 and we welcome our community members to show solidarity by being active and showing up to as many events as possible, no matter how brief. Every member can make a difference and contribute to continuing the fun and longevity of Love And War!

As always, our main Guild Mission day is on every Wednesday, starting at 9 PM Eastern Time. Besides weekly guild missions, the most important memberwide, open guild meetings and announcements happen then. Nominations and voting usually happen during these meetings, and the best way to have your voice heard and suggest new ideas is during the open discussions! Every member has the right to be heard, so please don't hesitate to contribute then!

With Toff's return, LAW has already had a strong impact on our server's World vs World activities - from ninja-capping various keeps to heavily assisting the main zerg in huge 10+ minute battles (hope to have some vids up soon!). WvW events do depend on participation and availability of both Toff and our members, so please participate when our guild raids are announced (usually in the evens, NA time). Traditionally, LAW mainly runs havok, vanguard, and roaming kill squads (i.e. thieves).

Please sign up for the Tournament of Love And War! Bring your best and team up against other LAW members and smash each other to bits, just for fun!

New Guild Perk/Buff
As hinted in our October 1st guild meeting, a huge new perk is coming soon to LAW, thanks to our legendary guild quaggan! To reward loyal and active members, guildies may now start accumulating points to trade in for various things, such as weapon and armor skins, gold and gems, and even things like gaming keyboards and mousepads. There will also be a few, large ticket items for the most competitive and active members, such as a high-end graphic card.

Once again, this new perk is to reward loyalty and activity, so the ones benefiting the most will be consistent, long-term members and contributors. Points will be rewarded in many ways, from starting interesting or helpful new forum threads to showing up to events to being the life of the party in guild chat. It's a great time to convince all your friends to join LAW now before the new perks kicks off. Please look forward to the great revealing of our new Guild Buff once the details are ironed out!

Donors & Contributors
We would like to take a moment to thank some generous hearts that have made our hosting a voice comm server and prized events possible (specifically Leo and Fanta/Asuna). Our community is always expanding, and every dollar helps us maintain and expand our Teamspeak server, as well as funding fun events to keep our community strong! To donate, please click on our Paypal button on the sidebar to the right of the screen!

Finally, our staff would like to thank all our loyal and active members for making what LAW is today! We recognize that everyone, even the shy ones lurking in the dark, are heavily contributing to the success of our guild by participating in events, sharing new ideas, recruiting and helping newbies, and by simply interacting and running parties with other guildies. Thank you!
Fate / Oct 05, 2014
Hey all! We've had a guild meeting on August 6th and a number of things have happened.

1. The guild has voted! The majority of our membership prefers to use Teamspeak over Mumble. We will figure out the logistics and will let members know soon!

2. A vote has been lukewarmly passed by our membership vote to approve the possibility of future guild mergers and acquisition of officers/talent from outside. Our leadership strongly prefers to promote from within, but this possibility will allow us to fill gaps when we are shorthanded and need experienced leaders to steer the ship.

3. The motion for a Guild Participation Requirement has overwhelmingly passed today. The details are not yet set in stone are are still up for discussion. Preliminary ideas includes requiring members to participate in official guild events once or twice a month, at the minimum, to maintain their member status. We will still continue to work with members who post on the AFK forums or let the leadership know of their particular circumstances that prevents attendance.

Our ultimate goal is to advance our guild as a quality community, as the purpose of a guild is to play a game together as a group. Higher turnout rates should boost guild comradeship and spirit.

Another thing our guild would like to address, related to participation, are the players themselves. As our guild keeps growing (400+ atm), it has been pointed our that our newer members may not contribute directly to an activity. For example, a member may AFK during a guild challenge after tagging a kill. This type of behavior goes against the spirit of our guild and our leadership would like to work towards having our members continue to pull their own weight instead of hiding behind numbers and leeching off our most active members. The 80/20 rule should not have to apply to our guild, especially when we're all here to have fun and play together.

Third, we encourage all members to contribute to the guild in a any way possible because every hand makes a difference!! It could be as simple as showing up to our events, to chatting and helping out members and making newbies feel welcomed, to helping organizing events, to maintaining a positive and fun guild culture, to something as simple as sharing ideas, suggestions, and opinions! The worst thing in any community is apathy, which is far from what we are about! Debates and radical new ideas are all okay as well, as long as discussions remain civil and friendly. At the end of the day, it's all about having fun - no matter what we do!

Lastly, we are currently accepting applications for leadership roles. Please mail or otherwise contact Fate directly with a general statement, such as what experience you have and how you can add to our leadership. Serious inquiries only, as leadership positions will require skills, commitment, and perseverance.

As always, thank you for being outstanding members of LAW.