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At Love And War, we're working hard to create new and exciting events for both our members and the Guild Wars 2 community. GW2 is arguably one of the best and most community-friendly MMORPG ever released and its players can only make it even greater by keeping it fresh and fun! We hope more guilds and members of the GW2 community will participate in our public events, as well as create and host their own for the benefit of the community!

1. The Grand Quaggan Space Odyssey
Two years ago before Guild Rush came along, LAW decided to make use of those seemingly useless transformation potions to race, which eventually lead to an epic mega event involving members dressing up as Quaggans to race across ALL of Orr!

LAW plans to bring this challenging, adventurous event back again in the future, and only ONE will win!

2. Suicide Darts
Another great game to be played with friends over a drink, perhaps it can be best summed up with this quotation:

"It is here on this famous sewer grate that so many have lost their lives in the hopes of eternal glory. For it is at this very spot that millions have leapt from the balcony just off the bank and plummeted to their deaths all in the hopes of landing closest to the center of this very grate beneath our feet..."
- Divinity's Reach tour guide Toff Touristblade

3. The Grand Karka Rodeo
After the EPIC karka event over two and a half years ago, our members found the great Champion Karka protecting the Orichalcum Ore to be a formidable challenge. As such, LAW did what any sane GW2 player would do: strip down nude and take a ride on the Karka in a contest to survive as long as we can! Alas, times change and events of the past must evolve as well. We now host the Grand Karka Rodeo in PvP, with our very own members representing the great Champion Karka of Southsun Cove!

Disclaimer: Many LAW members and some innocent/curious pedestrians were harmed for this event, but it was totally Worth It!

4. The Hunger Games
For well over a year, our exemplary members were given certain Fridays to release their pent up rage and hunt their glorious guild officers in a game of survival of the fittest, with gold bounties only adding fuel to the fire!

5. King of the Hills
Hosted either in the Graveyard of the Legacy of the Foefire or at the Keep of the Forest of Niflhel, as our PvP community grows, LAW will strive to host a public King of the Hills PvP tournament!

6. 3D Racing
Jumping Puzzles have never been more rage-inducing than this awesome concept!

7. Exotic Hide and Seek
LAW was the first to have our officers hide anywhere in Tyria and give out exotics to the seekers! A twist on traditional hide and seek, we don't compete to designate new seekers here. It's all about the exos!!

8. Drunken Karaoke Night
Unfortunately, things got too rowdy one time and this event was banned two years ago. However, how can we NOT mention some of the greatest nights we've every had, with crazy members singing through dungeons AND GETTING BLACKGATE WVW COMMANDERS TO SING IN TS WHILE COMMANDING THE ZERG IN PUBLIC?! With demand, perhaps we can bring this back and allowing public participation!

9. The Fashion Show
Hip before the hipsters, as the guild that set off current fashion show craze in NA, how can we not mention the first public display Fashion Show in Divinity's Reach? With only a few forum and website based fashion contests prior to our event, involving players submitting their character pictures, our community were to first to strut our stuff and reveal beauty for all in Divinity's Reach to admire! Complete with some of our very own infamous Pageant Interview questions to our Miss and Mister Tyria candidates, who will dethrone our current Mister LAW in the next great Fashion Show, hosted by LAW?

10. The Quaggan Invasion
Become part of the Quaggan Invasion Force by joining in the first Public Quaggan Parade in Lion's Arch!

With hats off to all the various groups of players on Reddit who privately marched through LA after its destruction (and upon finding out today, we respectfully wanted to give a nod to), this year, we invite the greater community of GW2 to help create a happy and long-lasting tradition on Memorial Day to celebrate both the recovery and the resilience of Lion's Arch!

Lion's Arch, we will never forget!
Love and War
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