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Our guild has completed our restructuring for the New Year and our leadership is excited to announce our new updates and upcoming events!

We believe that organization will be an extremely important theme for the year of 2015. In anticipation of the new WvW season(s), our highly active PvP'ers, and new content announced with Guild War 2's first expansion, the Heart of Thorns (new borderland, new Guild vs Guild mode, Guild Halls, and Anet's continuing efforts to boost GW2's PvP scene), here are some of the changes we're making:

First, we will be making an effort to return to our roots, while simultaneously evolving our structure to adapt to the upcoming changes to GW2. LAW started off as a small, tight-knit, hardcore group that was focused on World vs World. As LAW grew and developed its unique, friendly culture, our guild began to accommodate the general population by being casual and becoming PvX.

To better focus our values, vision, goals, and continuing longevity of our guild, Love And War will return to developing and strengthening our WvW and PvP forces. However, we do not plan to do this by eliminating our more casual friends, family, and time-restricted members. Our guild culture and our members are extremely important to us! Instead, we will enhance our focus by rewarding and empowering our core group of members who go above and beyond the typical player by directly, consistently, and conscientiously expanding our prestige, war force, and activity.

Hence, we would like to introduce new Advanced Membership Ranks for our guild. These advanced positions will be a merit-based, streamlined ranks for the more dedicated and hardcore members of our guild. Joining one of the core, advanced groups, will be easy - simply enlist to the respective group. The hard part will be maintaining the rank, as these advanced ranks are meant to show us your current status (which not only makes it easier for our guild to assemble our forces, on the spot, but also serve to help our newer members know who our currently active, go-to members are for their particular field of expertise).

Advanced ranked members will be expected to both act and be treated as some of our best members. Advanced ranked members will be held to a higher standard and will be given access to additional benefits as appropriate to their position. Advanced members should be keeping the bigger picture in mind by staying within the ranks and working together as a team in other to obliterate the opposing forces. Advanced ranked members who step out of line may be demoted on the spot in to keep order. As always, all guild members have the opportunity to earn or re-earn an advanced rank position by fulfilling the necessary obligations required of the advanced rank.

Advanced Membership Ranks

The Vanguard Rank: This rank will be used to denote the main members of LAW's Havoc Squad. That's not the say that we won't have exception members who join us in WvW and are not part of the Vanguard. Rather, this rank is reserved for members who are dedicated to consistently making a difference out in the field by expanding our guild's presence in WvW and helping maintain the reputation of Blackgate, our home server. Vanguard members will have priority in representing us for GvGs.

To become part of the Vanguard, either sign up on the Havoc Squad thread or inform a guild commander or an officer of LAW. When you enlist, you are making a commitment to be there for us when we call for you. Whether by participating during our scheduled WvW raid days (currently Tues & Thurs during the off-season) or by being available when we are challenged to a GvG, you will be ready and willing to kick some ass in our name.

With that said, please note that we understand real-life commitments and have consistently been saying that our guild is all about fun. If you're unable to log in, then you will not be demoted. The AFK Policy applies for all our advanced membership ranks: Just Let Us Know! The important thing is to answer our call to arms when you are online.

The Raider Rank: Members of this rank will have priority for future GW2 raids (i.e. guaranteed raid slots). LAW members will have an opportunity to earn this rank before HoT is released by attending a minimum number of guild events per week (including a guild mission event).

The Slayer Rank: LAW members may opt to create their own LAW PvP team. An officially sponsored LAW team must designate a team captain and have a minimum of 5 players on the roster (an additional slots for a substitute, for a coach, and a manager will be allowed, if necessary). Non-guildies may be allowed on the team, however they must represent our guild during training and during team PvP. In addition, the captain or main organizer of the team must be a LAW member.

All three advanced membership ranks will have permissions necessary to view applications, interview, tryout, and accept new recruits into LAW. Additional benefits will be made available, such as advanced membership only events and rewards.

Guild Recruitment

As part of our ongoing effort to strengthen our guild and fulfilling our vision, our leadership is calling for a brand new Recruitment Drive! As we all know, our last recruitment drive was an astounding success, which helped our smaller guild of 120ish to eventually gaining over 300 members.

As before, we would like to call on our great members to help us find quality players in order to maintain our level of fun, active, and awesomeness! In terms of new members, the first thing we look for in a member is compatibility. As a fairly jerk-free community, new members should be chill and friendly like us! Second, we are looking for loyal, long-term members. Members should represent us as their main guild (~90% rep) and be fully ready to dive into our community and be the best they could be! Finally, we would prefer for our new members to register on our website and join us on Teamspeak! After all, who wants brand new no-show friend, only in name, who is never there for you?

Speaking of friends! Guild friends are still welcome, such as those who frequently join us for PvP or contribute to the guild in various ways, such as adding time to our custom LAW arena. Please remember to let us know of their status OR to set their rank as Guild Friend to avoid their being kicked from the guild.

Finally, we are specifically looking to recruit additional PvP and WvW players into our guild. This is because we assume that everyone does PvE anyway, most of which can be easily done solo or with pugs. With that said, we will still accept active and sociable PvE-only players on a case-by-case basis, particularly players who are interested in future GW2 raids and other organized PvE content.

To sum it up, LAW is looking to recruit dedicated, casually hardcore GW2 players.

Guild Policy & Retiring Ranks

As part of our revitalized leadership and our new recruitment campaign, we would like to remind both current and potential members of our represent policy. As a historical GW2 guild with an excellent community, staffed by highly skilled gamers, our guild has and will always have a LAW as your main guild policy. Members who fail to show up to guild events and represent our guild without a good excuse will be demoted. Initiates who fail to represent our guild and display their potential as a proud and contributing member of LAW will be purged from our roster.

In order to make room for our new Advanced Membership Ranks, as well as to remove redundancies, LAW will be retiring the Guild Lieutenant, Captain, and Advisor ranks. We thank everyone who have once served as part of these ranks and salute them for their service!

Available Leadership Roles

Love And War may have some limited leadership opportunities as part of our new campaign for 2015.

1. We are searching for one Officer, who is available on the weekends. Applicant must have relevant skills or experience and/or must be able to raise guild numbers and activity without supervision. This is a Ranked Leadership Role. The ideal candidate will be experienced, loyal & trustworthy, mature & responsible, chill & drama-free, and possess independent & sensible decision-making ability.

2. We may be looking for additional commanders as our WvW activity steps back up. To qualify, prospective commanders must have an Advanced Membership Rank or above, and possess a strong, indomitable will. We will not be teaching you how to command - you must be a born leader or have acquired the necessary skills (via your keen sense of observation or otherwise) needed to wreck havoc!

3. We are planning to designate class leaders for our guild. The ideal candidate will be in one of the three Advanced Membership Ranks and will be the go-to member for their class. Class leaders should keep up with the current metabuilds (or more) for their classes, be able to lead their classes when needed (such as in WvW or during PvP workshops), as well as being able to confidently teach other members their class builds and rotations, and preferably should be among some of our best 1v1 duelist for their class specialty (or otherwise display exceptional knowledge for their particular class). Class leaders must command respect. In the absence of a permanent class lead during WvW or other guild raids, the Commander on the field may designate a temporary Class Leader under his/her leadership.

Additional roles may be available if you can convince us of a strong need for it.

How You Can Contribute

We understand that everyone has their own circumstances and their unique way of doing things, and we agree that each of our members are a valuable part of our community, no matter their skills or background. No one here needs to become a pro gamer to help us become a greater guild!

As a gaming organization that does not demand membership dues, our community runs entirely on the hearts and generosity of our members. By voluntarily contributing your time or spare resources, your giving back to the community (for the usage of guild resources, the connections & friends, advice & answers, free food & buffs, events & prizes, and all laughs & the good times) goes a long way towards maintaining the success & longevity of our guild! Here are a few ways that even the most casual players can do to make a real impact on our guild:

1. Being Available. If time is your best asset, then we encourage you to come join us in fellowship! Whether you run in parties with us and chat with us on Teamspeak, come to every guild event possible, or reach out to our new members to help them ease into our guild, being available for your fellow members will help our guild remain a fun, friendly, and active community, which is a priceless medium for online gamers like ourselves!

2. Custom Arena Time Tokens. Whether you acquired a PvP token from your daily rewards or decide to chip in a measly 2 gold for one, know that every token counts! Please search for [LAW] in the PvP filter and help us continue to keep our PvP arena up and running!

3. Guild Commendations. In the past, we've had many members who have ran Guild Missions with us long enough that after outfitting every single one of their characters with Ascended Accessories, they've had plenty of Commendations to spare. Buying Guild Catapults and donating them to the Guild Bank or to our WvW Commanders directly contributes to our war efforts, as we will literally use your donation to smash in the face of our enemies and splatter their bodies across the burning wreckage of their smoldering towers.

4. Currency. While being the simplest, this gift has withstood the test of times in being ever useful. Whether funding our war chests with virtual gold, used for both events and for helping our members transfer into Blackgate, or donating a pretty penny to ensure the maintenance of our Teamspeak server and community resources, your gesture will go a long way towards keeping our community going for many years to come.

5. Virtual Items. These pretty little pixels that you pick up throughout your GW2 adventures, be it rare skins or valuable dyes, will help us fund events by providing exciting prizes for our members! Optionally, donating exotics towards our communal guild bank will help our newer players get on our feet (which hopefully, they will later reciprocate to other new members).

• • • FOR LOVE & WAR ! • • •
Love and War
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