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Run, run, run as fast as you can....

Do you sometimes get the desire to just run around in various costumes for no apparent reason? Do you also feel the need to race your friends while in costume through various dangerous parts of Orr? Well we have the perfect derp event for you... The Grand Quaggan Space Odyssey.

Rules are simple:
- you have to stay in costume at all time.
- you can't have any of your friends speed buff you or heal you.
- there is no waypointing to a closer destination in the map.
- you go defeated you are out. if you can rally from a downed state without help you are fine.
- we start in the straits of devastation and run through malchor's leap and the cursed shore all the way to where the arah dungeon starts.
- first one to the end wins.
- good luck on those stairs...
- Toff (Spiritblade, Swiftblade, Nightblade, Mageblade, Boomshot, Dizzyblade, Deathblade, Furblade)

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