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On a tour of Divinity's Reach we're often taken to the blood soaked main road leading from the main gate in the south to the very core of the city.

"It is here on this famous sewer grate that so many have lost their lives in the hopes of eternal glory. For it is at this very spot that millions have leapt from the balcony just off the bank and plummeted to their deaths all in the hopes of landing closest to the center of this very grate beneath our feet..." - Divinity's Reach tour guide Toff Touristblade

The rules are simple:

-No speed buffs
-No movement powers, skills, utilities, abilities, or traits that effect movement
-Jump and aim for the center of the grate
-Because the game doesn't report the position of corpses accurately a referee will be assigned to rez the players and make a call about who wins the round
-Once you jump. Hands off the keyboard and mouse only the ref can move and rez people

Note to event hosters: reward small prizes for the Victor of each round, instead of large prizes to the Victor of several rounds.
- Toff (Spiritblade, Swiftblade, Nightblade, Mageblade, Boomshot, Dizzyblade, Deathblade, Furblade)

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