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Manakeep 728x90
Out Academy80HumanEngineerCelestial Rifle
Out Adahn Marr80HumanMesmerNone
Out Adahn the Ineffable80AsuraElementalistNone
Out Adahn the Ingenious80AsuraGuardianNone
Out Adahn Xan Dar80HumanEngineerNone
Out Aerisyn Swift Arrow Ranger want to be Guard in HOT0HumanRangerNone
Out Alain Kinsella80HumanNecromancerHybrid
Out Alexi80HumanThiefGlassy
Out Alice Wellright80HumanNecromancerNone
Out Allansha0HumanGuardianNone
Out Allen Eyeverson0AsuraGuardianNone
Out Allison The Something0HumanRangerNone
Out Amber Golden80AsuraWarriorNone
Out Amor Bellum80HumanWarriorVanguard - S/H, LB
Out Amor Luxuria80NornGuardianDamage GS - S/F
Out Amor Multis80AsuraMesmerShatter
Out Amor Silva80SylvariRangerStealth Trapper
Out Anneke Firewood0HumanElementalistNone
Out Annoying Plant80SylvariMesmerShatter
Out Anriel the Chaste0HumanElementalistNone